Musanze men reap big from Vasectomy

Andre Niyomugabo, 53, is a father of eleven. The resident of Kinigi Sector, Musanze District in Northern Province realized 8 years ago that he was risking bringing into the world children he may not be able to support.

So, after consulting his wife, she was put on contraception pills, with advice from a health centre, to prevent any more unwanted pregnancies.

“However adhering to this method became extremely challenging; the tablets gave her extreme nausea, unnecessary weight gain, and she was about to die as she couldn’t even move thereafter she shifted to injections but allergies persisted and I personally decided to alleviate her I had heard vasectomy from our health counselors.” He says

“I went to Kinigi Health Center and request for the operation, as I was accompanied with my wife health workers arranged things for us and I get helped as soon as possible thanks to doctors who were come from Ruhengeri Hospital” Niyomugabo adds


Vasectomy is a permanent contraception method for men, where, a surgical procedure is performed, cutting and sealing tubes that carry sperm from the testicles to the seminal vesicles making it impossible for a man to impregnate a woman.

After opting for the vasectomy, Niyomugabo substantiates that the decision he made drove toprovide with all his children basic necessities that a parent should provide on a daily basis.

“If I kept giving birth I would have more than twenty children for the moment, contrary I managed to raise appropriately children I already had; I gave pieces of land to my eight boys and they have their own homes and I am thankful that achieved something big thanks to vasectomy which I decided on.” He says

John Musabyimana, 42, the father of four , says he opted for the vasectomy six years ago as he realized he was facing some economical constraints in his family, “It is a decision I took in the interest of my family as I started failing to deliver prime necessities that a man owes his family’s member.” He says

Musabyimana stresses that after his pronouncement the welfare of his family changed accordingly, “As I stopped giving birth, I started saving, gradually I earned money which I gathered and came up with small animals including goats and pigs which give me at least Rwf200,000 per a month” he says.

“My life is totally different from those who keep giving birth to a lot of children as I always manage to find for my four children whatever they need, and beside I secured my own motorcycle which earns me at least Rwf10,000 on a daily basis.” Musabyimana adds

Emile Nsabiyera, the director of health in Musanze District says they register a total of 84 men who decided on vasectomy so far, but promising that mobilization are ongoing to win more men participating in the drive.

“For us to have more men opting for the vasectomy, we use men who already decided on it to publically testify how they feel and what they have gained, so they help us shading more light on vasectomy as they testimonies remove different negative mindsets which some have on vasectomy.” he says

“Actually vasectomy is thecontraception method which one get at hospital level, but our health workers descend to health centers so as to provide with service to whoever who may need to opt for the vasectomy rather that he travels to district hospital” He adds

Nsabiyera calls on men to massively opt for the vasectomy as it has scientifically proved consequence free, “It is the reliable method and it doesn’t take a long time for a man to get the service. It is easy, it never hurts and it never leaves a man with wounds” he says, adding “Methods that are used by women present some disobedient hormones which may harm the user but for the vasectomy it is the method which I may confirm that it consequence free for a man and for an entire family.”


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